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About the Artist

David A Camorali  has studied art for over 40 years, emphasizing original design, energy and passion. His artistic expression has taken many forms; Professional Recording Musician/Composer, Doctor of Dental Surgery and now retired, his concentration is the creation of fine art. 

He is currently living his dream.

Dr. Camorali has been active in the community for over 30 years,  now lives and creates art full time in Annapolis, Maryland. He has studied art at Maryland Institute of Art, Maryland Hall, and privately with Andre Tullier, Diana Marta, Rick Casali, John Ebersberger, and many others. 

This website was designed to showcase his original art. 

David  has strong ties to the Island of St Croix, US Virgin Islands. He has exhibited his work at the Carribean Museum of Art and his work is currently on display at various other gallery locations on St Croix and in Maryland. His work is in many private home collections.

David now shares his time between his home on St. Croix USVI and his family home in Annapolis, Maryland.

“I want to inspire and uplift people through my art energy, exploring different mediums but always emotionally coaxing my patrons visually into my world, following my vision and my life philosophy”.

“I’m in love with design, color and romance" 

My influences include John Singer Sergeant, Paul Cezanne, Van Gogh, Monet, Manet, as well many other impressionists. Michaelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci make me reach higher to achieve the human form reinterpreted for the 21st century. 

I also especially appreciate the works of Henry Henche and others of the Cape Cod School of art philosophy.

“I love the rough-textured- palette- knife painting style and the minimalist use of paint and space-separation of objects such as in the “mudhead" studies.

“Recently I have discovered pastels as a medium and I love the layering effect I can get using similar values; I expect I will do a lot more experimentation with this medium.” 

I want to personally thank the many art instructors who have taught me to follow my dream over the last 40 years and who have inspired me to strive to grow and be my best. 


"  I love the Carribean people and I especially love the strength and dignity of the Cruzan women. I love to capture their spirit".


David A Camorali​

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